Have you heard about WebCenter yet?

WebCenter is a powerful, secure, web-based proof management platform which streamlines the ordering and proofing process.

WebCenter reduces the need for unnecessary emails and phone calls, saving time and avoiding confusion. With WebCenter, you can store and access all of your artwork and proofs in one convenient online location.

Easily comment, approve or reject proofs using user friendly built in features. Decide whether you want one, two or more people to review the proof before approving. No more confusing group emails!

Automatic Chasing

Automatic chasing which means no more missed proofs! When approved jobs are automatically sent to press – no more missed approvals or late processing. This gets your job to press as quick as possible, which means it will be out the door and with you even quicker.

Say hello to WebCenter so you can say goodbye to scattered processes that rely on searches through emails, phone calls, verbal dialog, and information across multiple platforms. Proof from anywhere, on any device.

To Summarise the Benefits

  • Streamline the approval process.
  • Stay on deadline with reminder alerts.
  • Avoid excessive artwork revisions.
  • 24/7 access to your artwork.
  • Have multiple users approve/reject proofs.

Where do I sign up?

Give Harkwell a call or email today and we can get you set up with WebCenter for your next order.

And as always, we’ll be there every step of the way!

We’ve even created a short video to show how easy WebCenter is to use!



If you’d like to request a quotation please click the button below and fill in the form. Our customer services team will respond within 24 hours. Please also feel free to call:

Telephone: 01202 735300
E-mail: sales@harkwell.co.uk

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