Flexible Packaging Solutions

Embrace innovation with Harkwell, a leader among flexible packaging companies. Our solutions bring your brand to life through custom pouches, printed pouches, and pouch printing. We’re committed to making your brand shine, sustainably. 

What is flexible packaging?

Flexible pouches are single-use commonly made of metal foil, plastic, and occasionally paper. Companies commonly use flexible packaging such as pouches, bags, wraps, sachets, and films to package snacks and liquids.

You can find these types of packaging in supermarkets all around the world. Different industries widely use it to wrap food, medicine, health products, pet food, and household items.

What are the benefits of Flexible Packaging Solutions?

Harkwell excels in flexible packaging solutions, providing benefits that exceed standards for packaging excellence.

1. Supreme Convenience: At Harkwell, we understand that convenience is king. We design our flexible packaging solutions for ease of use – they are resealable, lightweight, and durable. They improve how easy it is for users to use them. They make sure products are easy to carry and store, and stay in good condition from store to home.

2. Extended Shelf Life: Our innovative barrier technologies play a pivotal role in extending product shelf life. Harkwell’s packaging keeps food fresh longer by blocking moisture, air, and contaminants, reducing waste and making customers happy.

3. Cost Efficiency and Sustainability: Leveraging Harkwell’s advanced materials and processes, our flexible packaging solutions are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. They require less material and energy to produce and transport, offering a greener alternative to traditional packaging options. This efficiency translates into lower costs and a smaller carbon footprint, aligning with the growing eco-conscious consumer base.

4. Enhanced Brand Visibility: In the competitive retail environment, standing out is vital. Harkwell uses advanced printing technology to make each package a colourful, high-quality advertisement for your brand. Our special bags and boxes make your products look unique with colourful designs, catching the eye of shoppers.

5. Customisation and Versatility: Harkwell doesn’t just offer flexible packaging; we offer solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our team helps create packaging that fits your product, follows market trends, and meets consumer demands. We offer pouch packaging, custom pouches, and innovative printing options to suit your needs.

Harkwell’s packaging solutions help brands respond quickly to market changes and trends. They achieve this through rapid prototyping and short lead times. This allows brands to adapt swiftly to new developments in the market. This agility ensures that you can launch new products or refresh existing ones faster than ever before.

In essence, Harkwell’s Flexible Packaging Solutions don’t just answer the question of benefits—they redefine it. We ensure that your packaging investment is successful in today’s market. We offer convenience, sustainability, cost efficiency, and strong brand visibility through our bespoke service.

Our Range of Flexible Packaging Pouches

At Harkwell, we have different types of custom printed pouches like pillow pouches, stand-up pouches and spout pouches and because of our first class customer service and printing facilities we can get your product to market faster than anyone else. 

Pillow Flexible Pouches

A pillow pouch, also known as a lay-flat pouch is a flexible packaging solution with a simple, flat design. It seals on 3 sides, leaving one side open to fill the contents. Pillow pouches are versatile and commonly used for packaging products such as snacks, protein powders and pharmaceuticals.

Stand Up Pouches

A standup pouch is a flexible packaging that stands upright on shelves. Our custom printed stand up pouches are designed for this purpose. Designers create standup pouches with a flat bottom and seal the sides. This design ensures stability when packaging different products such as food, pet food, and household items.

Spout Pouches

A spout pouch is both convenient and functional as it is flexible packaging with a dispensing spout. These pouches are ideal for packaging liquids, sauces and anything pourable. The spout allows for resealing, these are the perfect pouch for an on-the-go product that minimises mess. People commonly use spout pouches for products such as baby food and drinks.

Harkwell offers various pouches and can customise them to meet your product and brand needs with additional features.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flexible Packaging

How is flexible packaging made?

Check out our video to see how we create flexible packaging from start to finish! We specialise in making high-quality pouches suited for various markets and products.

You’ll notice that we’re great at handling small batches too. This means we can show you different designs, finishes, and materials for your pouches before you decide on a big order. It’s a sneak peek of what you can expect, without needing to commit right away.

How can flexible packaging help your business??

It’s cost-effective, convenient, versatile, enhances your brand’s visibility, reduces food waste, is easy to store, easy to dispose of, lightweight and can extend your product’s shelf life. The list goes on.

Is Flexible Packaging Eco-Friendly?

The eco-friendliness of flexible packaging depends on the materials chosen. We offer eco-friendly packaging made from renewable materials that naturally decompose without harming the environment so you can offer recyclable pouches to your customers.

Harkwell not only offers a range of customisable packaging options but also leads the way in eco-conscious packaging solutions. Our commitment to sustainability means offering alternatives to traditional flexible packaging materials that minimise environmental impact without compromising on quality. 

Our compostable films are made from renewable plant fibres, ensuring they break down naturally and pose no threat to our planet. They are tested by a licensed third party guaranteeing that our packaging is biodegradable without sacrificing quality.

Compostable packaging is suitable for a wide range of products, from protein and healthcare products to gourmet foods and beverages like tea and coffee.

Make an impact, while reducing your impact with Harkwell compostable packaging.

Which sectors benefit from flexible packaging?

Flexible packaging is utilised across numerous sectors including food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pet food, agriculture, and more. It offers superb protection for products during transit and storage, thanks to its durability and convenience.

What customisation options are available?

Material Selection: At the forefront of the flexible packaging industry, we offer a wide range of materials, from versatile plastic films to environmentally friendly alternatives. Our selections are tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring your product stands out with sustainability and style at the core.

Printing Excellence: As a leader among flexible packaging companies, we specialise in crafting custom pouches with practical features such as resealable openings and easy-to-open designs. Our pouch printing services ensure your packaging is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Special Features: Enhance your product’s appeal with our bespoke flexible packaging solutions. Options like pour spouts and handles transform the packaging from merely functional to an integral part of the consumer experience.

Finishing Options: Make your brand memorable with our customisable finishing touches. Whether you prefer embossing, matte, glossy, or tactile effects, our flexible packaging solutions are designed to leave a lasting impression. Tailored to effectively represent your product and brand identity, choose us for packaging that truly stands out.

Reach out to the Harkwell team today to explore how you can personalise your packaging solutions.

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