Custom Standup Pouches

As the name suggests, standup pouches are a form of flexible packaging that can effortlessly stand alone. Standup pouches are versatile and eye-catching, they are the ideal choice for showcasing your products and ensuring that they stand out on the shelf.

What are the benefits of standup pouches?

Using standup pouches offers several benefits. Firstly, they provide product protection by keeping your products fresh and uncontaminated, thanks to their easy seal technology. Additionally, their ability to stand alone, makes them perfect for creating eye-catching displays on shop shelves. On top of that their lightweight nature not only reduces transportation costs but also commands attention by standing upright. Standup pouches are incredibly versatile and suitable for a wide range of products across various industries, from juice drinks to baby food. Furthermore, they are convenient, being easy to fill, seal, and store making them a convenient packaging option for both manufacturers and consumers.

Due to their versatility standup pouches have become a popular choice in various industries, including health, cosmetics, food and nutrition and industrial and agricultural.

Standup pouches particularly shine in applications such as

  • Juice drinks & Cocktails 
  • Ground coffee & Loose-leaf tea
  • Baby food
  • Fertilisers
  • Seeds
  • Chemicals
  • Powdered Products
  • Vitamins
  • Supplements
  • Smoothies
  • Pet food
  • Shampoo & Conditioners
  • Skincare products

Standup pouches offer endless possibilities. Their functionality, convenience and visual appeal make them an excellent choice for a wide range of industries.

Harkwell’s Pouches Customisation Options

At Harkwell, you can choose from a variety of sustainable materials for your custom standup pouches, including recyclable and compostable options. Our team will work with you to select the best material for your product and brand values, ensuring that your packaging aligns with your brand identity and sustainability goals.

With custom-printed standup pouches from Harkwell, you have the freedom to showcase your unique branding and product details. Our high-quality printing ensures that your packaging stands out on the shelf and leaves a lasting impression on your clients.

Our Sustainable Standup Pouches Options

At Harkwell, our custom standup pouches are manufactured with sustainability in mind. We offer compostable packaging that is made from biodegradable materials that will break down naturally. 

Elevate your packaging and leave a lasting impression with our custom standup pouches the perfect way to present your products.

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