Peel and Reveal labels

Peel and reveal labels are a revolutionary way to convey vital information about your products, especially when faced with space constraints. Peel and reveal labels go beyond just conveying details; they create an interactive experience that engages your customers on a deeper level.

What are peel-and-reveal labels?

Simply put peel and reveal labels are multi-page labels with or without a hinge. Peel back the label to unveil additional information about the product, and then seamlessly re-cover it with self-adhesives to keep the label securely in place.

As new labelling laws demand more information on products like ingredients for food & drinks and health & beauty products, or cooking instructions, peel-and-reveal labels offer the ideal solution. They fulfil all legal obligations without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your product and brand. 


Peel and reveal labels have become a canvas for innovative promotional campaigns. You can print unique codes onto your peel and reveal labels that inform customers of winning prizes, exclusive discounts, or special offers. Peel-and-reveal labels allow you to transform your product packaging into an interactive marketing tool.

Our range of peel and reveal labels


At Harkwell, we offer a diverse range of peel and reveal labels.

Multi-layer labels: These are the classic multi-layer labels that are available in booklet or concertina format. For these you lift the flaps to reveal the information, an ideal space-saving and cost-effective solution.

Piggyback labels: These comprise two or three separate parts, commonly used in postage. Often the main label will be stuck to a parcel, while a removable part can be placed on another item.

Choose between two or three layers of label material, offering three or five additional printable pages. 

Our Peel and Reveal Customisable Options


We offer versatile and customisable options for your peel and reveal labels.

You can pick from…

Two or three layers: How much information do you need to include? We have several layer options to pick from.

Any colour: We offer full CMYK printing so that you can bring your ideas to life with vibrant, high-resolution printing on any layer, any colour you want we can do.

Variety of materials: Go beyond basic paper, we can offer metallics, transparent films, and more for unique effects.

Custom shapes: Allow your creativity to shine with a custom shape to fit your product and brand, any shape you can think of we can do.

Common uses of our peel-and-reveal labels

Peel-and-reveal labels are versatile and an easy way to display information in a compact and engaging way.

Marketing and Promotions: Peel and reveal labels are a perfect way to display your marketing promotions.

  • Revealing hidden discounts or vouchers
  • Running contests and giveaways
  • Showcasing product features or even benefits
  • You can even highlight limited-edition products

Showcasing additional information: Peel and Reveal labels are ideal if you want to include different languages on your products to cater to a wider audience. Or they can be the best way to detail any safety information or ingredients without cluttering or ruining the design of the main label.

Product Security: To help your customers know that the products they’re buying are authentic, peel-and-reveal labels can be used as a security seal, either revealing a hidden message or pattern if tampered with.

What are some other ways to use peel-and-reveal labels?

  • Use them to add a fun surprise element to corporate party favours or gifts.
  • Personalise invitations or greeting cards.
  • Create an interactive marketing campaign like a scavenger hunt.
  • Add a fun element to packaging by revealing hidden designs!

The possibilities for using peel and reveal labels are endless. They are the perfect way to  combine a compact design with engaging interaction. They are a valuable tool for various marketing, informational, and creative applications. They can help your products and brand stand out from the crowd.

Partner with us to redefine your product labelling through cleverly designed peel-and-reveal labels.

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