Shelf Edge Strips

Elevate your product’s shelf presence with our cutting-edge shelf edge strips. Add personality to your shelves and draw attention to your products. 

Shelf edge strips also known as price strips or promotional strips, can make a significant impact on customer experience. Making them visually appealing will captivate your customers. 

What are they?

Shelf edge strips, often called price or promotional strips, are indispensable labels on retail shelves, showcasing product details and prices to customers. These strips are a key element in the UK’s retail landscape, acting as an essential point of sale (POS) feature. At Harkwell, we’re proud to offer customised, high-quality shelf edge strips designed to make your products stand out. Tailored to draw the eye, our bespoke strips can spotlight particular items, ensuring they grab customers’ attention.

We present a wide array of printing options, from data strips to ticket strips, infill strips, and beyond, all crafted to elevate your shelf presentation with unparalleled clarity and appeal. Offering single-sided printing with next day delivery, we’re ready to meet your urgent needs efficiently. Whether you aim to display product information vividly or want to add captivating shelf talkers, our printed shelf edge solutions promise to enhance visibility and impact.

Dedicated to crafting eye-catching, premium designs swiftly, our team at Harkwell ensures your products not only compete but thrive in the bustling retail environment.

What are the benefits of bespoke shelf edge strips?

Shelf edge strips, the labels that display prices and product information on shop shelves, serve a key role in retail environments. However, with Harkwell’s bespoke service, these strips transform into captivating highlights on your retail shelves.

Elevate your brand and product visibility with our custom printed shelf edge strips. Designed to grab attention and draw customers’ eyes, these strips can be a dynamic part of your marketing strategy. Fully customisable in design and length, they ensure no detail of your brand’s unique identity is missed, from ticket strip details to engaging shelf talkers.

Offering high-quality strips printing with options for day delivery, our service is tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking for price strips, promotional strips, or shelf edge infill strips, our designs make displaying shelf edge information a powerful promotional tool. With single-sided printing and the flexibility to accommodate any length without constraints, we guarantee a perfect fit for your retail shelf.

Please call us to explore how our bespoke shelf edge strip design can enhance your in-store presentation within working days, making your products not just seen but remembered.

Why choose Harkwell for your shelf edge strips?

Our shelf edge strips are fully customisable, enabling you to choose any design, size, or shape imaginable, empowering you to authentically represent your brand.

We offer a wide range of premium materials and printing options, ensuring a unique look that grabs attention. Also, we do made-to-order strips that perfectly fit your specific needs and ensure minimum wastage.

Make your product promotions shine with our custom shelf edge strips. Build eye-catching displays that grab your customers’ attention and show off your promotions beautifully. Go beyond the usual with Harkwell’s shelf edge strips – designed to make a real impact.

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