Tactile Varnish

Tactile varnish is a high-build varnish printed directly onto your product, it adds a textured finish that can elevate your label designs to new heights of sophistication. It gives a gloss embossed effect that can elevate your product design.

Why choose tactile varnish?

Tactile varnish offers a perfect solution for brands seeking to highlight specific design elements, allowing you to accentuate details and make them stand out effortlessly.


Not only does tactile varnish add a luxurious gloss-embossed effect that can elevate your product and ensure your brand is remembered but it is also a cost-effective alternative to traditional embossing methods. This means you can achieve a premium tactical feel without exceeding your budget, whether you’re a small startup or an established brand, tactical varnish guarantees that your products stand out on shelves without compromising on quality or cost.


Your products shouldn’t merely provide a visual experience; they should engage customers on a multisensory level. With tactile varnish, you can invite customers to feel the difference, leaving memorable impression of your brand and product.


This application creates a textured finish that adds depth, character, and allure to your product ensuring it commands attention on shop shelves. Choose tactile varnish to add a premium look and feel that captivates customers and sets your brand apart from the competition.

How does tactile varnish work?

The video shows how our ABG Digicon Series 3 utlizes the doming process to create a high-quality tactile varnish, this method can be used for various applications. As demonstrated in the video we are effectively producing warning triangles.

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