Five Reasons to switch to pouches

Five Reasons to switch to pouches

1 – Reduce food waste!  Pouches protect your products. Flexible packaging features multi-layer construction that keeps food safe, keeping oxygen and light out, and your food in. Their strength and durability protects your food by not breaking if dropped. No more dangerous glass accidents with smashed jars!  Pouches come in all shapes and sizes so you can packaging big or small amounts of food, the customer can buy what they want and waste less. Spouted pouches and zip locks are resealable so if you haven’t finished your product simply close it back up and come back later, still fresh!

2 – Cost Efficient Switching to pouches and flexible packaging is the obvious choice when looking to reduce the cost of materials. Rigid packaging costs three to six times more per unit compared to flexible packaging. Printed folding cartons cost about twice as much as flexible packaging. Choose stand up pouches over rigid counterparts and see an improved profit margin!


3 – Versatile Pouches can be designed to suit your needs from the style, the finish and the material. With various sizes, shapes, and closure options available, you can tailor your packaging to fit your specific requirements. Additionally, pouches can accommodate features such as tear notches, resealable zippers, and one-way degassing valves.

4 – Lightweight Pouches may be light by they are far from weak. They are compact, robust and lightweight, helping you to save on storage and cut down on your transportation and shipping costs. More units can be displayed on the supermarket shelves compared to rigid packaging alternatives, increasing their sales potential.

5 – Less materials to landfill Harkwell offer a wider range of compostable and recyclable pouch options.  Compostable films are biodegradable materials that breakdown naturally under specific conditions, meaning they won’t breakdown when they’re on the shelf and spoil your product. They are ideal for packing dry goods up to 1kg in weight that require a barrier against oxygen and moisture, keeping your product safe and fresh.

What new Managing Director Has to Say

“From pouches, to labelling, we are at the forefront of sustainable digital label printing technology. Not only are we focussed on looking after our customers with high-end printing solutions, we are also investing in our employees. We encourage and nurture all our young apprentices – they are the future lifeblood of the company .”



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