Compostable Packaging

With consumers becoming evermore concerned about the environment it’s important that your brand is forefront in catering to their needs, we are here to help with a range of compostable packaging options. If you’re considering exploring more sustainable options for your products and packaging, it’s common to encounter a lot of confusing information. It can be challenging to determine which information is accurate and how to identify the best choices for your specific needs. Thankfully, Harkwell is dedicated to making things easier for you and helping you make informed decisions.

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What is Compostable Packaging?

Increasingly popular in recent years as businesses and consumers seek more environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional packaging materials, packaging is made from materials that can break down naturally and return to the earth, rather than contributing to the global waste problem.

Compostable films are biodegradable materials that breakdown naturally under specific composting conditions.
To be considered compostable, the packaging is tested by a licenced third party to ensure it meets a specific standard.
The ASTM D6400/EN13232 test standard requires that 60% of the organic carbon be converted to carbon within 180 days and the residue to be non-toxic to the environment.

What materials are available to use?

Paper – 25g MGBK and 40g MGBK – Made from FSC, PEFC accredited pulp – for every tree felled at least one more tree is grown.

Natureflex – cellulose – Made from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees from managed plantations. Food contact approved.

Bio-Polymer – derived from natural resources such as sugar cane, cassava and corn.

What products are suitable?

With a selection of materials and barriers, our compostable products can be utilised in a wide selection of products including – Cereals, Snack Bars, Snack Packs, Crisps, Tea and Coffee, Protein, Nuts, Dried Fruits and Pulses, Health Care.

Our flexible pouches are a great example of a use.

Will it biodegrade on the supermarket shelf?

No – the packaging will only start to decompose in the presence of oxygen, water and most importantly the microbes found in soil and compost.

Are inks ok for Compostable Packaging?

Most inks are not compostable or biodegradable.
But regulation states that they can have up to 5% non – compostable material, maximum of 1% per component (e.g. individual ink colour).
The 5% includes other non – compostable materials such as adhesives, varnishes etc.
✓ Inks can be used for both Industrial and Home Composting.

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