Harkwell are pleased to announce the signing of a new HP Indigo 25k Press

Harkwell are pleased to announce the signing of a new HP Indigo 25k Press. Harkwell is a fully digital house with state-of-the-art HP Presses and A B Graphic International finishing equipment. Back in March 2022 we added a 4th HP Indigo 6k press. Harkwell see the future of the market being fully digital hence the continuous investment in digital.

In April 2022 Harry Fountain (General Manager – Flexibles) and Andrew Mansfield (Business Development Manager) signed for the new HP Indigo 25k Press out in Israel. This shows Harkwell’s commitment to investing in new state of the art equipment to grow the business and provide its customers with the best quality products in the market.

Adding the HP Indigo 25k press will allow Harkwell to increase it’s capacity and facilitate longer run jobs, becoming more competitive in areas where flexo presses have traditionally been the leader. Our investment into the flexible packaging world, mainly through pouches will allow us to diversify our product portfolio by having dual use of printing on the 25k through labels and Flexible packaging.

One of the benefits of the 25k is spot master. Spot master is an automated colour matching tool which is built into the press and allows us to match colour gamuts and take consistent delta e readings, hitting brand colours consistently in minutes. This is important when working with brands where colour matching needs to be consistent.

Market trends show that consumers are demanding more flexibility than ever as well as more environmentally friendly labels and packaging. Furthermore, consumers are demanding better production costs, less time to market, better shelf visibility and inventory reduction. By having a 25k we believe we can continue to meet these market trends. The benefits of being digital allows customers to have no inventory, multiple SKU management and adaptable production planning to meet with customer changes.

Finally, we see the HP indigo Press being the next step in Harkwell’s growth which will allow us to become scalable as well as future proofing the company.

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