Harkwell Partners with Karlville Swiss for Next Level Flexible Packaging Solutions

At Harkwell, we want to ensure that we provide our clients with cutting-edge and sustainable flexible packaging solutions. All of our machines are designed to maximise productivity and reduce set-up times. One example is our HP Indigo Pack Ready System, featuring Karlville Swiss, laminator, slitter and pouch machine. Karlville are a leader in the world of flexible packaging solutions machinery who are committed to sustainability and high-quality performance.

This blog covers the benefits of choosing Harkwell for your flexible packaging needs, specifically highlighting the advantages of our Karlville pouch production machinery we have.

Versatility in Flexible Packaging

With Karlville Swiss machines, we can offer versatility, capable of producing a wide range of pouch types to cater to your specific product requirements. From stand-up pouches for easy display on shelves to side gussets and flat bottom pouches, we have the solution. We also specialise in creating spouted pouches for convenient consumption. We use the Karlville Laminator and Slitter for almost every flexible job.

Harkwell offers a range of flexible packaging solutions:

Pillow Flexible Pouches: Pillow pouches are shaped like a pillow, they balloon out at from the middle while maintaining a flat top and bottom for secure sealing. These are ideal for food & nutrition products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & beauty and household goods.

Stand Up Pouches: Stand up pouches can stand alone, making them perfect for eye-catching displays on shop shelves. These pouches are ideal for various industries, including health, cosmetics, food & nutrition and industrial and agricultural.

Spout Pouches: Spout pouches are perfect for liquids. They typically come in a stand-up pouch format with a spout and cap, making them easy to access and reseal. These suit the food & drink industry, health & beauty and household goods.

Printed Film: Printed film is customisable plastic for pouches (pillow, stand-up, spout). It allows for high-quality graphics and information to be directly printed on the packaging material, making it a versatile solution for branding and product information.

All of our flexible packaging is fully customisable in terms of shape, colours, and embellishments. Contact our team to learn more about how we can create packaging that meets your brand and product specific needs.

Sustainability and Recyclability in Packaging Production

Sustainability is at the forefront of Harkwell’s principles. We are committed to offering our customers sustainable materials and recyclable packaging solutions. Our eco-friendly flexible packaging options are made from renewable materials that naturally decompose without harming the environment. With many consumers now prioritising eco-friendly products, partnering with us ensures you offer the best quality and sustainable products to your customers.

Karlville Swiss also recognises the growing importance of sustainability in packaging. Their machinery is compatible with recyclable materials, allowing you to choose from our green options.

Lightweight Packaging Design Benefits

Karlville Swiss machinery prioritises lightweight designs in pouch construction. This reduces the environmental impact of your packaging and translates to cost savings. Lighter packaging requires less material, lowering production expenses and energy use. This results in lower greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing and reduced transportation costs, making your supply chain more efficient. Despite being lightweight, the packaging is still strong and effective at protecting products during transportation and storage.

At Harkwell, we design your flexible packaging to conform more closely to the product’s shape, maximising storage space on shelves and trucks. This reduces the number of trips needed for transportation, saving on fuel costs and further reducing environmental impact. Save money. Choose Harkwell.

Energy Efficiency

At Harkwell, we prioritise sustainable materials and practices throughout our production process. A key element is our commitment to investing in energy-saving machinery. Karlville systems have cutting-edge features that significantly reduce energy consumption during lamination and slitting. As we can slit them in house with the Karlville Slitter we can slit to whatever size you need and then send them straight out to you without the need for them to go down the pouch line, which also reduces the lead times.

By using less energy, we are minimising our greenhouse gas emissions and overall environmental footprint. Our energy-saving machinery operates at higher efficiency levels, leading to increased production output and faster turnaround times.

Get your packaging faster, higher quality and reduced operational costs with Harkwell.

Extending Shelf Life

Karlville Swiss packaging solutions are designed to extend the shelf life of your products. The tough laminate that we add to the pouches creates a multi layer barrier that creates a protective environment that protects the product inside, keeping air and light out and smells and food in. This laminate protects the products and prolongs the shelf life. The laminate also protects the print and the artwork printed on the pouch from scratching or scuffing, keeping the pouches looking good for the whole time they are on display.

High-Quality Print Capabilities

We understand the importance of impactful branding and marketing. That’s why we use high-tech machinery. Karlville Swiss machinery utilises advanced printing technology, allowing us to create eye-catching visuals on your packaging. This enhances the aesthetic appeal of your product and serves as a powerful marketing tool to attract customers to store shelves.

Fast Turnaround Times

By partnering with Karlville and using high-efficiency machinery, Harkwell can get your reel jobs out the door in just 5 days of artwork approval. This means you can get your product packaging on the shelves faster.

At Harkwell, we are the only company able to provide a total solution upstream and downstream of pouch making. We know how to address efficiency at all intervals of the production line, ensuring quality and profitable production of pouches. By partnering with Karlville Swiss, we offer a comprehensive suite of benefits when it comes to your pouch production, including unmatched versatility, a commitment to sustainability, lightweight designs, energy efficiency, extended shelf life, and high-quality printing capabilities.

Take your business to the next level and embrace a future-proof packaging solution. Contact Harkwell today and discover how we can help you achieve your packaging goals!

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