Harkwell Helps Commemorate D-Day with New Spirits Range

GHQ Spirits, a new producer of premium Scottish spirits, approached Harkwell to create distinctive labels for their “Operation Overlord Spirit” range, a limited-edition collection commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day and raising funds for armed forces veterans. Harkwell’s experienced design team collaborated closely with GHQ Spirits to develop visually striking labels that honored the D-Day legacy.

The Challenge:

GHQ Spirits, a new producer of premium Scottish spirits, approached Harkwell to create distinctive labels for their “Operation Overlord Spirit” range. The limited-edition collection of rum, vodka, and gin was being launched to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day and raise funds for armed forces veterans. The client required custom-designed labels that would capture the historical significance of the military campaign while conveying a premium brand identity.

The Solution:

Harkwell’s experienced label design team collaborated closely with the GHQ Spirits team to develop a visually striking label that would honour the D-Day legacy. Taking inspiration from the client’s brief and the artwork created by illustrator Rui Ricardo, the Harkwell designers crafted a label featuring bold, military-inspired graphics and a sophisticated colour palette.

The centrepiece of the design is a prominent graphic depicting the iconic D-Day landing crafts approaching the Normandy coastline. Additional design elements, such as vintage-style insignia and a subtle camouflage pattern, further reinforced the historical theme. To convey the premium quality of the spirits, the Harkwell team incorporated metallic foil accents and a clean, elegant layout.

Throughout the design process, the Harkwell team ensured the labels would be eye-catching on retail shelves while remaining true to the commemorative nature of the “Operation Overlord Spirit” range.

The Results

The custom labels created by Harkwell for the “Operation Overlord Spirit” range have been widely praised for their striking visual impact and attention to historical detail. The design has helped GHQ Spirits establish a strong brand identity for the limited-edition collection, which launched on the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

Most importantly, the distinctive labels have supported the client’s mission of honouring armed forces veterans. With £10 from each bottle sale donated to support former service members, the “Operation Overlord Spirit” range has become a meaningful way for consumers to contribute to a worthy cause.

Through their collaborative approach and creative expertise, the Harkwell team was able to deliver label designs that captured the gravity and significance of the D-Day commemoration, while also aligning with the premium positioning of GHQ Spirits’ products.

“I came across Harkwell’s work on LinkedIn, and was immediately struck by their positive promotion of their clients work. Having reached out to Andrew Mansfield, I knew I would have a good working relationship with both him and the company.  Andrew and his team managed to turn around the Bravehound charity labels at very short notice prior to Christmas and I was impressed with the quality of the work and their diligence.  When it came to putting the tender out for the Overlord labels, I didn’t have to think twice about asking Harkwell to quote. Not only did they go above and beyond by sending me several printed options, but they took their time to explain the cost implications and also their experience on what type of finish would catch the consumers eye.  All in all a brilliant service from start to finish.”  – James @ GHQ

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