Guaranteed Colour Accuracy: Harkwell Partners with GMG Color

In today’s competitive market, your brand image is everything. Inconsistent colours on your products or labels can look unprofessional. That’s why Harkwell is thrilled to announce our partnership with GMG Color, a leader in colour management software. This collaboration guarantees exceptional colour accuracy, ensuring your labels, stickers, or pouches look exactly as you envisioned – every single time.

Why does colour accuracy matter?

First impressions matter, your product is often the first point of contact for potential customers. Inconsistent or dull colours can make your product appear cheap or low-quality. Whereas vibrant, accurate colours that match your brand identity create a sense of professionalism and quality. Here’s how colour accuracy benefits your products:

  • Brand Consistency: It ensures your brand colours are always represented accurately, no matter what you want printing, labels, pouches etc. Meaning that your brand is easily recognisable.
  • Increased Sales: Studies show that consumers are more likely to be attracted to products with visually appealing and consistent colours.
  • Reduced Waste: It eliminates the need for multiple print runs due to colour mismatches, which saves both us and you time and money.
  • Exceptional Quality: It produces vibrant, high-fidelity prints that leave a lasting impression.

How we use GMG Color to help you?

With GMG Color we can capture your brand colours perfectly and ensure your products stand out. Their advanced software acts as a translator, meticulously converting the digital colours on screen into the language of our printing presses. This ensures flawless colour reproduction, eliminating the possibility of dull or mismatched colours on your products.

Harkwell goes beyond simply using GMG Color software. We’ve implemented company-wide standardisation using GMG Color to ensure consistent, high-quality printing across all our HP printers. No matter which printer your project goes to, you can be confident that the colours will be exactly as you envisioned.

We also adhere to industry-recognised colour standards across all materials, on labels and pouches. This benchmark guarantees colour accuracy and consistency, giving you complete peace of mind.

GMG Color isn’t just about achieving perfect colours; it’s about streamlining the entire printing process for you. By establishing a common colour language from the beginning, potential roadblocks due to colour mismatches are eliminated. This reduces the need for revisions and wasted prints, saving you time and money.

Colour Matching for Print

Need to match a specific Pantone colour for your brand? GMG Color allows us to reproduce any Pantone Spot Colour, ensuring consistent colour across all your printed materials.

But what about existing customers with colours already matched by Harkwell? We’ve got you covered! All your previously matched colours are transitioned seamlessly into the new GMG Color system. This guarantees consistent colour reproduction with every order, regardless of when it was first placed.

For new orders, colour matching is a breeze. Simply send us a sample of the colour you want us to match, and we’ll then scan it into our system using an X-Rite Spectrophotometer, a state-of-the-art device that captures the colour’s spectral data. This data is then used by our GMG Color software to create a precise digital profile that our presses can use to recreate the colour exactly. This process eliminates waste prints due to colour mismatches.

GMG technology doesn’t just ensure colour accuracy in the final product; it allows us to provide you with colour-accurate proofs on the card beforehand. This way, you can see exactly what your printed piece will look like before we even go to press. This eliminates any surprises and ensures you get the results you expect.

Colour Accuracy Checker. Colour Wheel.

WebCenter Offers Seamless workflow

At Harkwell, we understand that the printing process can sometimes involve multiple back-and-forths between you and us. To ensure a smooth and efficient workflow, we offer WebCenter, a powerful online artwork proofing system.

WebCenter is a secure web-based platform that streamlines the ordering and proofing process. Here’s how it benefits you:

  • Reduced Emails and Phone Calls: Say goodbye to unnecessary communication and confusion. WebCenter allows for clear and centralised communication regarding your project.
  • Centralised Storage: Easily access and store all your artwork and proofs in one convenient online location with WebCenter.
  • Simplified Approvals: User-friendly features allow you to comment, approve, or reject proofs with ease. You can even designate multiple users for approval, eliminating the need for confusing group emails.
  • Automatic Reminders: No more missed deadlines! WebCenter sends automatic alerts to ensure timely proof approvals. Approved jobs are automatically sent to the press, keeping your project on track.
  • 24/7 Access: Access your artwork and proofs from anywhere, on any device.

WebCenter eliminates the need for scattered processes and centralises everything in one place. For more information on how to get started with WebCenter, contact the Harkwell team today or check out our short video which gives a brief overview of WebCenter!

The Harkwell Difference

At Harkwell, we believe in exceptional quality and a seamless customer experience. Our partnership with GMG Color allows us to deliver on both promises. With advanced colour management, we can bring your vision to life with unparalleled accuracy and vibrancy. So, the next time you have a printing project, trust Harkwell to deliver stunning results that capture the true essence of your design.

Ready to experience the difference of exceptional colour accuracy? Contact Harkwell today and let’s discuss your printing needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GMG color proof?

GMG Color allows us to generate colour-accurate physical proofs on cardstock. This lets you see exactly how your final printed piece will look before we go to press, ensuring you get the results you expect.

Will existing customers’ colours stay consistent?  

Absolutely! We’ve transitioned all previously matched colours to the new GMG Color system. This guarantees consistent colour reproduction with every order, regardless of when it was originally placed.

How will you colour match using GMG for new orders?

Colour matching with GMG Color is simple. Just send us a sample of the colour you want us to match. We’ll then use an X-Rite Spectrophotometer, a high-tech device, to capture the colour’s data. This data is used by our GMG Color software to create a precise digital profile that our presses use to replicate the colour exactly.

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